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Maison du Motard - Motorbike driving safety training


If you want to deepen your knowledge or refresh it after a break, this motorbike training is just right for you. Become one with your machine, refine your sense of balance and get valuable tips on handling the vehicle.

Several dates are offered from 13 March to 17 July 2023.

8 am to 5:15 pm

ACL Karting - Training room
152, rue de Limpach
L-3932 Mondercange

Price per person: €119 for ACL members. (Price for non-members: €169)

Maximum number of participants: 14

A minimum of 8 participants is required for the training to take place. If there are less than 8 participants, the "Maison du Motard" reserves the right to cancel or postpone the session.



To recognise critical situations in good time and react to them in a routine manner so that the feeling of freedom at the handlebars can also be enjoyed. 



This training consists of several workshops:

  • Correct sitting, looking and steering in a slalom and cornering course
  • Refining the sense of balance
  • Developing lean angle reserves and the correct steering technique
  • Effects of front and rear braking at different speeds
  • How do I deal with difficult riding situations? What manoeuvres help me to cope with them? Learning action patterns in order to react optimally
  • Many tips and tricks for handling the vehicle: In which situation is it better to brake, in which situation should I take evasive action?
  • What to do if braking is no longer possible?
  • What is the use of ABS?




Coffee and croissants will be provided on arrival, as well as bottled water throughout the day. These services are included in the training package.
A two-hour lunch break is provided for each training session. Lunch is not included in the package, but picnic tables are available on the terrace or indoors. Alternatively, a list of restaurants near the venue is available on request. Our bar is open in case you get thirsty in between.

Several dates are offered: 

Dates   Language(s)
13/03/2023  Registration closed Luxembourgish/German
27/03/2023  Registration Luxembourgish/German
02/04/2023  Registration Luxembourgish/German 
03/04/2023  Registration French 
16/04/2023  Booked out Luxembourgish/German 
17/04/2023  Booked out
15/05/2023  Booked out French
12/06/2023  Registration
19/06/2023  Registration
03/07/2023  Registration   Luxembourgish/German
17/07/2023  Registration Luxembourgish/German

The event will take place in compliance with the health regulations in force at the time of the event.
  • Complete and approved motorbike equipment with protectors is compulsory (helmet, motorbike jacket and trousers, gloves, shoes or boots). 
  • The vehicle's driving licence and insurance documents must be presented on arrival at the venue.
  • During the exercises, the vehicle is covered by the vehicle owner's insurance.
Cancellation Policy:
Please note that cancellation on the part of the participant will be accepted at least two weeks before the course date.  If the participant cannot/will not come on another date, the full course fee will be refunded. After this deadline, a refund is no longer possible.
If the course has to be cancelled on our part (the maximum number of participants has not been reached or there are bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, ice or snow), the course fee will be refunded in full.


If you need further information or have any questions, please contact or via phone at +352 37 90 01.

We inform participants in our events that they may appear in photographs or videos taken during the event. These recordings are intended for publication in the written or digital media issued by the Automobile Club du Luxembourg.