Vignettes, tolls and environmental zones

Vignettes, tolls and environmental zones


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Vignettes and tolls: Some European countries have a toll system for passenger vehicles. Systems vary from country to country and may be based on stickers such as in Switzerland or Austria, or on electronic tolls (as an alternative or parallel to traditional manual payment) such as in France or Spain. At the ACL, you can buy the necessary vignettes and electronic tolls for a number of countries.
Environmental zones: In recent years, environmental zones have multiplied in European countries. Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, etc., before travelling outside our borders, ask about the rules in force in your destination country, but also in the different countries you will have to cross. Our neighbouring countries have not been spared by this development and each has set up its own system of stickers and macarons (Germany and France) or electronic registration (Belgium).
Driving ban for diesel: Many cities in Europe have access restrictions or bans, environmental zones or even a city toll. However, there is no uniform regulation for the different zones. The ADAC provides an overview of the special features (article in German). 


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