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Chevrolet Camaro 6.2l V8

Published on 21.04.2017

Extended hood, short rear, powerful V8 up front, all the power of the rear axle in the propulsion...  the classic recipe for the brawny sports car is as popular as ever. With its 6.2-litre engine the Camaro offers 453hp,
its crankshaft driven with a remarkable torque of 617 newton-meters.
Better not mention the CO2 emissions here, though...

Those who prefer something a little more modest but without compromising on design might want to take a look at its little sister - a four-cylinder 2.0L 275hp model that still boasts 400Nm under the hood!
The 6.2-litre engine’s on-road performance speaks for itself, with the 8-cylinder unit catapulting this 1.8-tonne vehicle to 100km/h in a grand total of 4.4 seconds. It could, in fact, reach a speed of up to 290km/h were it not limited to 250. The weight of the vehicle has also been reduced by 90kg in relation to the previous model.
Even though the Camaro turns off four of its eight cylinders to save fuel when carrying a light load, it still consumes an average of 13L/100km. It is far less economical in an urban environment and the V8 will readily exceed the 20L/100km mark.   
This new model is, however, the most fuel-efficient Camaro ever built, and the throbbing of the V8 is simply remarkable. It also comes with the added bonus of its 8 cylinders purring with the inimitable power and coolness that only an American car can offer.

Passenger compartment

The vehicle’s finish gives it a robust look, despite the profusion of hard plastic, whilst the seats and dashboard are leather-covered. The vehicle’s passenger compartment is equipped with cutting-edge monitoring technology including a new driving mode selector, a configurable instrument cluster and individually adjustable ambient lighting.

This all-American car is also equipped with a head-up display as standard, as well as a Bose sound system that is almost redundant with an engine that roars like this one does. The 8” screen of the information and entertainment system is perfectly legible and easy to use. The navigation system comes as standard with the V8, whilst for its little sister it will cost an additional €1,200.

With regards to safety, the Camaro is fitted with 8 airbags as standard and currently boasts airbags around the knees of both the driver and passenger, as well as an ultra-resistant steel passenger compartment framework. A reversing camera with rear parking aid also comes as standard. Optional active safety features include blind spot assist with lane departure warning system and rear parking sensor with cross-traffic warning system.

The base price for the V8 with a manual gearbox is around €46,000. The automatic V8 model will set you back around a further €2,000. That said, pretty much everything is included with the V8.


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