Going on holiday? Great, but what about your pets?

Published on 13.05.2022

Taking your pet on holiday is perfectly possible, but sometimes it’s better for all concerned to have them looked after by someone else while you are away, in which case there are various options available to you.

For many people, leaving their pet behind when they go on holiday is simply out of the question. After all, you consider them members of the family, so why wouldn’t you take them with you when you travel, as long as you take the necessary precautions. First and foremost, your pet should not be allowed to move freely around the vehicle but should instead be restrained or separated from the front compartment of the vehicle for safety reasons. With this in mind, a pet carrier fastened to a seat or in the boot, which should be otherwise empty and ventilated, can be a great option for travelling with your pet. You might also need to install sunshades to prevent them from getting too hot, and make sure they have access to water, some toys and something to eat during the journey, just as you would for a child. Of course, you’ll also need to take regular breaks to allow your pet to stretch its legs and relieve itself.

The pet care options available

Do you love your pet with all your heart but still prefer not to take them on holiday with you? Then fear not - there are a number of different pet care options available to you. The first, of course, is to leave your pet at home and ask a neighbour, friend or family member to stop by every day to walk and feed them and cuddle them for a bit. If you don’t have a friend or family member who could help with this, you could always call on an experienced pet-sitter listed on an official website, of which there are several in Luxembourg. The dog-sitter will walk your dog every day, either alone or with other dogs to encourage socialisation. They may even take your dog into their own home so that they don’t feel lonely. Boarding is another option, and one that is ideal not only for dogs and cats but also small animals such as rodents and rabbits, and even horses. This sort of facility employs experienced people, who are often professionals, to take care of your pet, including feeding them, walking them and providing any other care they might need. The benefit of this is that you can visit the premises beforehand and have your pet spend a trial period there to see if they adapt well to this new environment.

Preparing for separation

Some dogs have a hard time being separated from their owner, and whichever pet care option you choose, it’s important to take your pet’s individual needs and feelings into account. Ask your vet for advice, take your pet to visit their potential boarding home so that they can get used to the smells there, or take them for regular visits to the friend or relative who will be responsible for looking after them beforehand. Starting a few days before you leave, increase the frequency with which your pet is left alone for short periods of time and avoid fussing over them too much to quietly prepare them for your absence.

Do you have questions or need advice? Visit our pages on the topic of "Assistance Pets". There you will find useful information, advice and also a list of our specialised partners.

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