ACL with an A for... lots of things

Published on 22.09.2022

You will hear a lot about your Club in the coming weeks! ACL is indeed spelled with an A for Assistance, but also for many other ways of taking care of our members.

ACL is first and foremost a Club spirit that has been serving its community for 90 years. Preventing the risks of everyday life, providing unbiased advice and working for a more caring society are all missions that ACL employees are committed to every day. Because today mobility is a need, ACL is the only provider to offer mobility as a service. Are you looking for a way to get around, do you need clear explanations about new technologies or do you just want to get together with other enthusiasts? ACL is your partner because your mobility is our priority.

Our new communication campaign "With an A like..." reminds us that the "A" of ACL does not stop at "Automobile" and that it goes far beyond. Over the next few weeks, you will discover ACL "with an A for bicycle", "with an A for mobility", "with an A for travel" as a range of services that accompany you in your daily life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This campaign illustrates the multitude of products and services we offer our members while deliberately playing the second-degree card. From October onwards, you will see our posters and illustrations in print or online to announce our annual campaign of 3 months free for a new membership at the end of the year, "with an A for free".

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