ACL tested the Nissan Qashqai e-Power

Published on 17.11.2022

The Nissan Qashqai e-Power is a technology where a combustion engine powers the electric battery.

To be really honest, when Nissan engineers offered us the opportunity to test-drive the Qashqai E-Power, we had a lot of prejudices when we accepted the offer. How on Earth, in 2022, can a manufacturer choose to market a hybrid SUV with an electric battery powered by the combustion engine? “We see our e-Power technology as a stepping stone to going 100% electric”, the Japanese engineers explain.
While the 190hp (petrol) combustion engine is not connected to the wheels of the car, it does feed directly and continuously into a small 2.1kWh battery weighing just 56kg. “The best compromise when it comes to maintain the perfect balance”, Nissan claims.

An affordable technology

As a result, the driver feels they’re driving an electric vehicle, with the significant difference that there is no need to plug the Qashqai in to the grid— you simply fill up at a conventional fuel station. Granted, it’s not exactly the best way to prepare consumers for the switch to all-electric, but it’s still much more economical than a plug-in hybrid SUV.
Nissan actually promises an average fuel consumption of 5.3L/100km and a range of nearly 1,000km, all with the comfort of electric driving, including silence, powerful acceleration and a smooth ride.
Unlike a PHEV, this Qashqai e-Power is no heavier than a conventional combustion model and is only slightly more expensive, at just €1,400 more.

Introductory video for the Nissan Arya

Nissan literally invented the C-segment SUV with the Qashqai, and almost all manufacturers have since followed suit. It's only logical, then, that the Arya, the manufacturer’s first electric crossover, should seek to establish its presence in this segment. Starting at €48,445 with a 63kWh (218hp) battery, the Arya combines Nissan’s experience in electromobility with a stylish design.

All technical details and information on other tests can be found in the latest edition of our Autotouring magazine (French edition).


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