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Ride2Go (carpooling)

This platform set up with foreign Automobile Clubs allows you to find a trans-European carpooling solution. This service is free of charge.

Ride2Go (carpooling)

European Automobile clubs have joined forces to establish a common and transnational network of commuters in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and France.
The objective of the initiative is to facilitate carpooling for commuters, most of whom travel alone in their cars. This relieves the burden on roads, creates additional parking spaces and reduces not only exhaust emissions but also the fuel budget. The four clubs have access to one single European database. The platform is accessible to everyone - as a driver or passenger - even without membership of an Automobile club. Members of an Automobile club can indicate their membership if they offer themselves as drivers, as this is an additional safety feature: in the event of a problem on the road, the automobile club concerned always provides assistance.

How does Ride2Go work?

With Ride2Go, users can both offer carpool tickets and make transport requests in a totally independent way. In case of interest in an ad, users contact each other directly. All useful information is exchanged between the users themselves. We only provide the platform, but we do not enter the contact and payment process. Passengers pay the agreed price directly to the driver, usually in cash.

I am planning a trip and want to offer free places in my car:
  • Create a Ride2Go account by entering your details
  • Choose your departure place and destination
  • Indicate the date on which you plan to make this trip. You also have the possibility to choose recurrence days and times if you make this trip regularly, such as your way to work.
  • The price is calculated automatically. You can also change it manually if you wish.
  • Then you can indicate the details of your vehicle: the number of free places, the type of vehicle, smoker or non-smoker, the size of luggage accepted ...
  • You can also choose how you want to be contacted by interested people: by phone, e-mail, SMS ...
  • If you are a member of an Automobile club, indicate this in the box provided. This will give the assurance to those interested in accompanying you that in the event of a problem, assistance is always guaranteed.
  • Once all this data has been recorded, your announcement will be published.

I am looking for a carpool:
  • Create a Ride2Go account by entering your details
  • The latest ads published can be found directly on the first page.
  • You can indicate your place of departure and arrival, as well as the desired date or if you are looking for a regular carpool. Ride2Go will show you the most relevant ads.
  • You can directly see the routes, departure times, price and some details about the vehicle: the size of baggage accepted, smoker or non-smoker or the number of seats available and whether the person is a member of an Automobile Club or not.
  • By clicking on the proposal that you think is interesting, you will see the driver's details and contact details.
  • Click on "Contact the driver" and off you go.
It's as simple as that. For more information, contact us by email at


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