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Are you adequately insured? Our tips for finding the right car insurance policy

Published on 24.01.2022

The wide range of insurance offers, especially for motor vehicles, makes it difficult to choose a policy. ACL and its partners will help you make sense of this situation


Prices and coverage: what's the best solution?

Many drivers choose insurance when they buy their first car and don’t worry about premiums or coverage for years. However, as your needs and expectations change, you should ensure that your coverage is tailored to your circumstances.
Our tip: whenever you replace your vehicle or every three years, check that you still have the best package for you by asking your agent for advice.

Don't go for the lowest price

An accident is not the best time to find out that your inexpensive insurance turns out to be inadequate and fails to pay the compensation you expect.
Our tip: Instead, go for a first-class insurer with a reputation for taking good care of its customers’ claims.


The vehicle matters

Your insurance premium does not depend entirely on your ability to avoid accidents. The car model, engine rating, age, value, fuel, and driving aid options all play a role in calculating the premium. 
Our tip: Before you buy a car, whether new or used, ask your insurer for a competitive quote.

The insurance you need

Liability is the compulsory component of all car insurance. It is required by law for every owner of a registered vehicle, whether or not it is in operation. Liability covers damage caused to others and to passengers in your vehicle.
Comprehensive and limited coverage insurance.
These packages offer a combination of coverage in addition to liability. They offer coverage for a number of risks, including fire, glass breakage and theft of the vehicle. In some cases, assistance, collision with an animal and damage caused by force of nature (storm, hail, flood, etc.) are also covered in limited coverage insurance. Comprehensive insurance includes the same coverage as limited insurance but also includes coverage for damage to the car’s bodywork.
Replacement value
Depending on how old your vehicle is and in the event of a total loss, including theft, it may be worthwhile taking out this option to ensure that your vehicle is covered at its replacement value. Depending on the insurer, you can also be insured for the purchase value or a higher compensation for the replacement value.

Car insurance deductible

The insurer may not pay the full amount of the damage in the event of a claim, and the insured person may have to pay this part, known as the deductible. The amount of the deductible can vary from one type of claim to another (glass breakage, property damage, etc.) and some insurance companies do not apply it. This is why the deductible is one of the most important criteria to take into account when choosing your car insurance.

When should I change insurance?

Insurance policies can be cancelled each year with one month’s notice prior to the main policy expiry date. You can also cancel the policy within 30 days of receiving the expiry notice. The cancellation deadline is stated on the notice.


The ACL, number 1 in assistance

Assistance is at the heart of what ACL does. Did you fill up with the wrong type of fuel? You have a flat tire? You can’t get your car to start? Did you hit an animal? The ACL comes to your aid. Even better, has the chain come off your bike? Your electric bike is out of juice? The wheel of your bike is damaged? Not to worry: the ACL will come to your aid.
The ACL offers 24/7 assistance, no matter how you travel.  
For more information visit
Europe cardholders are entitled to legal protection in Luxembourg and other countries in Europe. ACL covers the lawyer’s and/or expert’s fees as well as general legal costs up to €2000. 
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