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When autumn comes around

Published on 13.10.2020

Trafic safety advice

Autumn brings with it shorter days, the first fog of the year and falling temperatures, all of which are clear signs to sensible drivers that they need to exercise increased vigilance on the roads. Here are a few helpful reminders.
As well as adopting a particularly defensive style of driving in order to anticipate any potential loss of grip (caused by morning frost, dead leaves on the road, freezing fog, etc.) and avoid the traps presented by poor visibility, drivers must also ensure that their vehicles are as well prepared for tackling autumn roads as they possibly can be.
Since a car’s tyres and lights are among its main safety factors, it is more important now than ever that particular attention be paid to these aspects. As announced on the previous page, the Automobile Club will be actively participating in the lights and tyres campaign set to begin on Saturday 12th October 2020.


Get yourself seen!

Whether you’re a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcyclist or car driver, you should always make sure you’re clearly visible to others. Those opting for soft mobility solutions can do this by wearing light-coloured clothing and retro-reflective gear, whilst motorised vehicles must have their lights on to ensure that the driver can see and be seen, provided they are properly adjusted and clean, along with windscreens and other glass surfaces.

Watch out for game on or near the road!

This is particularly an issue at dusk and dawn, when they are most likely to be crossing the road! Take extra care and get into the habit of slowing down in areas marked with a danger sign indicating that there could be game in the area.

Winter tyres

The ACL recommends switching to winter tyres early on in the season. The highway code does not specify a start or end date for the compulsory use of winter tyres, but in winter conditions i.e. black ice, packed snow, melting snow, sheet ice or frost, you need to have four winter tyres fitted to the car for driving on public roads in the Grand Duchy. The tyres used should bear the M+S mark and/or the mountain and snowflake symbol.
The ACL generally advises motorists to take preventive measures when driving in order to maintain full control of their vehicles at all times.
For further information, contact the ACL for advice on +352 450045-1 or at


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