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Just how good are home charging stations?

Published on 13.04.2022

12 products tested

The ACL and its European partners put 12 electric vehicle home charging stations to the test. The go-eCharger, which came out on top in our research, can be ordered from the ACL Shop.

Of the 12 models we tested, two charging stations led the field hands down. The go-eCharger HOMEfix 11kW was even the cheapest charging point in the test, coming in at €675, while the ultra-compact Chargers Commander 2 Wallbox was the only one with a touchscreen, although it does come with a loss-leading price tag of €1,300.

Both models stood out for their safe and reliable performance and the fact that the charge can be regulated in real time using the mobile app, as well as on the terminal itself. The Wallbox Chargers model also boasts the most comprehensive features, while the go-eCharger achieved the best results in terms of safety. Furthermore, the intelligent integration of LEDs around the charging socket is a welcome addition and allows the user to view the current intensity selected, such as when adjusting the charge, for example.

The Alfen Eve Single Sline and the PC Electric Wallbox GLB achieved much less flattering results, and actually came out as the big losers in the test, not least because of their unacceptable safety flaws. The integrated DC monitoring system does not kick in in accordance with the relevant standards; while the Alfen kicked in too late, the PC Electric's protection system failed to kick in at all or did so too late, resulting in a very real risk of personal injury that immediately ruled out both brands.


The welcome mobile app

Five of the models came complete with a modern app-based control function accessible using a smartphone, with the ABB, Easee, go-eCharger, Innogy and Wallbox Chargers apps all offering real added value in relation to those models without an app, allowing the user to schedule charging, authorise certain tasks and view charging statistics, as well as offering genuine convenience. Some of the apps even allowed the user to adjust the charge settings.

The Commander 2 from Wallbox Chargers was different in that it offered a 7-inch touch screen, and what might initially appear nothing more than a gadget actually turned out to be both informative and particularly practical. The user interface was the same as with the app, so there was no need to learn how to use both separately. The only downside was that the screen was not that easy to read in direct sunlight during our test drive and couldn’t be used with gloves on on chilly mornings.

Results of the tested home charging stations

(Click on the picture to see the .pdf version)


Seven things to consider before buying

  1.  A Wallbox can only be installed by a qualified electrician.
  2.  Ensure that the statement of compliance is enclosed, or at least available on the manufacturer's website.
  3.  Charging points must be registered with the operator.
  4.  Good cable management makes the wall charging point easier to use on a daily basis.
  5.  A charging point with a plug should have a switchable lock on the charging cable to prevent theft.
  6.  Make sure you are clear on the options you want before making your purchase.
  7.  Ensure that the interfaces are compatible when connected to a photovoltaic system.

Available from the ACL Shop


Anyone interested in the excellent go-eCharger Home Fix can order it from the ACL, which represents the brand in Luxembourg.

Its main qualities are as follows:

  • Reliable, simple and secure to operate
  • A dedicated app offering a number of useful functions
  • An attractive price point

This model is recognised in Luxembourg and eligible for a €750 subsidy (purchase + installation).

The member price is €619. Please contact us for more information.

The point will need to be installed by an electrician of your choice. The ACL does not offer this service.




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