Certaines informations contenues dans cette « foire aux questions » sont fortement résumées. Les détails et conditions des prestations incluses dans nos cartes de membres sont repris dans nos conditions générales.
  • - By visiting one of our offices in Bertrange and Diekirch.

    - Via the section "Become a member" at any time.

    - By calling us on 45 00 45 – 1 and completing the membership form, including full documentation, that will then be sent to you. 

Yes. The ACL Diagnostic Center performs various types of tests by appointment only. Its technical inspections provide the member with an objective assessment of the condition of their car or the one they are considering purchasing for a special-rate fee.
The mechanics at the ACL Diagnostic Center will not repair any problems identified during the tests.
The ACL Clubmobil service rents out cars and vans to ACL members at special rates. Vehicles can be hired both in Luxembourg and abroad. A deposit must be paid by credit card.

The club also provides the member with a free courtesy car (for 5 days) in the event that their own has had to be towed away by the ACL following a breakdown or accident. 
The ACL’s roadside assistance service, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can be contacted on (+352) 26000 and will provide recovery in the event of your vehicle (car, trailer or motorcycle) breaking down or being involved in an accident, provided that the vehicle does not weigh over 3.5t.

You are entitled to 2 free call-outs (recovery or towing) a year in Luxembourg, with the 3rd charged at 50% of the standard rate applicable at the time (which varies depending on the distance and time of the call-out and the night-time, Sunday or bank holiday surcharges that apply). Any further call-outs will be charged at 100% of the standard rate.

Please note! Free towing is only available between the location of the breakdown or accident and the garage.  

In Bertrange,

at 54 Route de Longwy (on the Luxembourg-Pétange road), just before the City Concorde shopping centre. This is where the head office is located, along with its reception desk, the technical ACL Diagnostic Center and the roadside assistance service, where our recovery vehicles and tow trucks are based. The rental car service "ACL Clubmobil" is located next to the ACL main building (72, route de Longwy). 
Bus routes: 6, 26 and 215 – Bertrange/Concorde and Automobile Club stops.



In Ingeldorf

34, route d'Ettelbruck. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Tel: +352 450045-2; Fax: +352 457517-2; e-mail address: acl@acl.lu

Certain discounts will be offered directly at the time of purchase or even by means of an online code, whilst others will be deducted when purchasing the product from the ACL in Bertrange. Please read the conditions of each benefit carefully. 
Automobile Club du Luxembourg: 
Offices: Monday to Friday, non-stop from 8.30am to 6pm. 
Members reception with its Shop: Monday to Friday, non-stop from 8 am to 6 pm. 

ACL Diagnostic Center: 
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

ACL Clubmobil, car rental service: 
Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

ACL Ingeldorf:  
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. 

Recovery and towing service and the foreign assistance service: 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
The Automobile Club offers a variety of membership options specially designed to reflect the member’s individual mobility needs.

- ‘Luxembourg’ membership card. From recovery and towing to returning the occupants of the car to their home, a courtesy car and tourism services, holders of the Luxembourg card benefit not only from comprehensive assistance within the Grand Duchy but also an extensive range of tourism and mobility-related services and benefits.

- ‘Europe’ membership card. The Europe card includes the same services as the Luxembourg card in addition to providing the holder with comprehensive assistance when travelling in Europe, regardless of the means of transport used. E.g. continuation of journey in the event of the vehicle being taken away, repatriation of the car, motorcycle, caravan or luggage trailer, repatriation of sick or injured individuals, repatriation by a replacement driver, legal assistance, sending of spare parts, etc. The Europe card is valid for Luxembourg and the rest of Europe.
More information
Prices of the membership cards: 
  Membership card "Luxembourg" Membership card "Europe"
Main member 49,50 € 89,50 €
Partner  27,00 € 67,00 €
Membre YoungACL (16 - 18 years inclusive) 0,00 € 40,00 €
Membre YoungACL (19 - 25 years inclusive)  27,00 € 67,00 €
In the event of a breakdown or accident either in Luxembourg or abroad simply call (+352) 26 000.

For all other services call (+352) 45 00 45-1 or email acl@acl.lu
Membership cards are personal and not, therefore, linked to the member’s vehicle. 
As the ACL is a club the membership card is valid from 01.01 of the current year until 31.12, regardless of the date on which membership begins.

New members joining the ACL after 1st October will automatically receive a card that is valid for the following year. This, of course, also includes the months of October, November and December.

ACL membership cards are valid for as long as the corresponding subscription is maintained. They are not automatically renewed every year. In the event that your card gets damaged or loss, please contact us and we will send you a new one. 
The spouse, common-law husband or common-law wife of a lead member benefits from a reduced-rate membership card.
Partners who are living together must attach a full certificate of residency to their applications. 
Young people of 16 to 25 years of age benefit from particularly advantageous membership conditions.
The Luxembourg card is free of charge for those under 19 years of age and costs just €27 for those of 19-25 years of age.
Additional cover for Europe can be purchased for a supplement of €40. 
The membership card can be upgraded at any point during the year.
Simply transfer the difference to one of our accounts.
No. Simply transfer the appropriate amount to one of our accounts.


Bank name Bank account number BIC / SWIFT code
CCPL LU76 1111 0000 9696 0000  CCPLLULL
BILL LU29 0025 1340 1500 0000  BILLLULL
BGLL LU83 0030 0400 8962 0000 BGLLLULL
BCEE LU69 0019 1000 1406 1000 BCEELULL
CELL LU11 0141 0109 4480 0000  CELLLULL
CCRA LU94 0090 0000 0714 4009   CCRALULL
BLUX LU13 0080 3609 9600 1003 BLUXLULL

If you have registered via the website you may also choose to pay directly using a credit card.
A temporary card will be sent to you in the post within a few days of payment being received.
Your permanent membership card will follow over the coming weeks. 
New members are entitled to take advantage of the benefits and services that the ACL offers them after a certain waiting period.
This period begins on the day on which the ACL receives the member’s subscription.
Following your admission or readmission to the club a 2-week waiting period applies before you can call upon the club's breakdown services within Luxembourg.
For incidents occurring elsewhere in Europe the waiting period is reduced to 24 hours.
There is no waiting period in the case of accidents occurring either in Luxembourg or abroad.