Electric vehicles 2022

Find here the list of electrified cars available for sale in Luxembourg.


Since the publication of our list of electrified cars (electric, hybrid, rechargeable hybrid and even fuel cell) at the beginning of 2020, their number has more than doubled! In fact, we now have more than 300 models available for sale in Luxembourg, proof that the range of cars on offer is constantly diversifying.
This list, which we compile by contacting the various brands, is all the more important as the government proposes incentives for the purchase of new 100% electric cars (€8,000 or €3,000 depending on whether they consume more or less than 18 kWh/100 km) until the end of 2022*.

Thanks to this valuable document, you will be able to find out which premium you are entitled to when choosing to purchase a particular 100 % electric model.

Discover this list by clicking on the link: the list of electrified cars**.

BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle (100% electric)
HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle (classic hybrid)
PHEV = Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (rechargeable hybrid)
FCEV = Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (hydrogen fuel cell)

*vehicle ordered before April 2022 and delivered before 2023
**list not complete, subject to modifications